Speakers confirmed for Telco 2.0 Industry Brainstorm

I'm delighted to announce a latest list of confirmed stimulus presenters for the Telco 2.0 Industry Brainstorm on 4-5 Oct. We are finalising a few others right now, then briefing the speakers and preparing the brainstorming processes over the summer.

Telco 2.0 Industry Brainstorm - confirmed stimulus presenters (at 7/7/06):

  • James Enck, Chief Telecoms Analyst, Daiwa Securities
  • Group Chief, BT (final name tbc)
  • Kennet Radne, Senior Vice President, Products & Services, TeliaSonera
  • Ole Obermann, VP, European Digital Business Development, Sony BMG Music Entertainment
  • Jim Holden, Director of Global Wireless Partnerships, Google
  • Alessandro Petazzi, Director, IPTV Marketing & Content, Fast Web
  • Craig Forman, EVP and President VAS, Earthlink
  • Norman Lewis, Director of Technology Research, Wanadoo
  • Ignacio Tome Vilanova, Head of Entertainment, Telefonica Moviles Espana
  • Falk von Bornstaedt, Vice President, IP & Carrier Solutions, Deutsche Telekom AG
    • Judy Gibbons, Venture Partner, Accel Partners; Non-Exec Director, O2
  • Patrick Parodi, Chairman, Mobile Entertainment Forum
  • Stuart Collingwood, Vice President Europe, SlingMedia
  • Berit Svendsen, Executive Vice President, Technology and CTO, Telenor
  • Jonathan Jowitt, Head of Enhanced Multimedia Development, Orange
  • Harman Wagter, Managing Director, Amsterdam FTTH initiative (CityNet)
  • Alan Duric, CTO, Telio
  • Tomi Ahonen, Author, 3G expert
  • Matteo Gatta, Group Strategy Director, Belgacom
  • John Riordan, Head of New Product Development, Swisscom
  • Rory Sutherland, Vice Chairman & Creative Director, Oglivy One Worldwide

IMS Services Industry Brainstorm (co-located with Telco2.0) - stimulus presenters (at 7/7/06):

  • Luis Angel Galindo Sanchez, Senior Technology Expert, Telefonica
  • Pascal Correc, Chief Architect, SFR
  • Ian Pannell, Senior Manager - Global Service Platform, Vodafone Group
  • Roberto Gavazzi, Client Area Manager, Telecom Italia
  • Ferruccio Antonelli, Director, Services Layer Engineering, Telecom Italia
  • Antti Pelinnen, VP Business Development, Telia Sonera
  • Wooyong Choi, IMS Development Manager, SK Telecom
  • Christophe Gourraud, Lead Technical Architect, Swisscom Mobile
  • Dean Bubley, MD, Disruptive Analysis
  • Roger Ward, President, MultiServiceForum
  • Kenn Walters, Director, STL; ex-CEO, O2 Germany
  • Stefan Holtel, Service Creation Mastermind, Vodafone Group
  • Colin Pons, Senior Architect, WSO Innovation Management, KPN (awating final confirm)