Mobile Advertising: A Working Example

I had lunch today with Richard Marshall the CEO of ad360 and the Technical Director of Rapid Mobile. Rapid Mobile have developed some very successful software which enables punters to gamble on Betfair from mobile devices.

Richard gave me a demonstration of the ad360 technology which he will also be demonstrating at the Advertising Funed Content breakout of our Telco 2.0 Brainstorm. This enables operators to load a brief advertisement on to a user's phone while they are waiting for content to load.

As he explained, most content - text, pics, video etc. - has a short delay before it loads on the mobile phone. During this lag, a piece of advertising is popped on to the screen. This can be a simple 'awareness' ad or can have a specific call to action (click to connect or redeem this discount voucher).

Because each software download has a unique identifier, the click-through and voucher redemption rates and, potentially, user behaviour can be tracked by the operator and/or advertising company. This provides much greater value to advertisers than broadcast or even paid search advertising.

As with web search advertising, the adverts can be made contextually relevant. For example, if I click on a food-related link then an appropriate foodie advertisement is popped to the screen. When this is combined with my individual preferences (perhaps I love Burger King but hate the Big Mac?) then the value me as the user is also much higher.

ad360 is still a fledgling company (hence no URL), but the technology is compelling. Richard is in discussions with major mobile operators and handset manufacturers. Delegates at the event will enjoy this practical example.