User Generated Content is King for Video on the Net

A new survey on video on the net usage from AOL in US shows that nearly the same number of people watch 'amateur video' ('User Generated Content') as they do Sport's Highlights. What does this mean for IPTV business models?

Further ommentary at the Chaotica blog.

We'll be probing these issues with the Marketing & Content Director for IPTV from Fast Web (Italy's no. 2 broadband provider, and one of the world's most experienced IPTV companies), and Ole Obermann, VP for Digital Business in Europe for Sony BMG (who are experimenting with new models re music-related content), on Day One of the Telco 2.0 brainstorm on 4-5 Oct.

The 'Ad-Funded Content' workstream on Day Two, looks in detail at how we can make money out of this phenomenon.