Telco 2.0 Survey: 200 Respondents & Veeery Interesting Results

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Thanks to the 200 of you that have participated in the first week. We are not going to 'reveal all' on the blog since the survey is still running and summary results are only available to those who take the trouble to contribute.

So, for example, I can't tell you the consensus forecast for WHEN key Telco 2.0 events will occur but here is the current predicted ORDER:
Telco%202.0%20November%20Survey%20-%20timing.jpg Very interesting to see voice revenues falling to less than 20% of total revenues for a fixed operator forecast to happen AFTER things like mobile VoIP becoming mainstream. Remember BT currently generates only 8% of revenues from voice - though as a few of you pointed out, some of the line rental charge subsidises voice minutes.

I wonder which internet company is going to launch their mobile telephony service first? A few said it had already happened - have we missed something? (We don't count things like GoogleTalk as a mobile service)

I am not going to comment on all these and I am sure individuals will disagree with the order. However, I am convinced that the order based on the views of 200+ informed industry insiders will be more accurate than a couple of smart analysts taking a punt!