World-Class Stimulators Wanted...

The draft agenda for the 3rd Telco 2.0 Industry Brainstorm (16-19 October, London) will be released on the blog next week. We are currently collecting recommendations for world-class stimulus speakers. We will be covering the topics listed below. We will follow our normal 'Mindshare' interactive format (with significant enhancements based on feedback from the market), aiming to push forward the debates from the March event to the next stage. The overall theme will be: 'Business Model Innovation in the Broadband Value Chain'.

1.) Plenary: Attracting Investment, Disrupting Old Models, Overcoming the 'Broadband Incentive Problem', Creating Sustainable Portfolio, Managing Change.
2.) Parallel Workstreams (End-User Markets):
- Digital Youth (trends, case studies, technology, sources of value)
- Digital Home (trends, case studies, technology, sources of value)
- Digital Cities (Access, Applications, Finance, Regulation)
3.) Special Depth Workshops:
- Telcos Role in the Advertising and Marketing Services Value Chain (creating a scaleable industry platform).
- Product Innovation 2.0 (Improving End-user Understanding and Reducing Time-To-Market)
- Technology: Leveraging Customer Data, Open APIs for SDPs.

(They'll be a demo area for start-ups and new innovative solutions too.)

In the next 2 months we will be inviting senior speakers from across the Telco, Media, Technology (and other) sectors to stimulate the debates with specially prepared presentations.

The criteria for their selection: 1.) They have cutting-edge experience/expertise in 'Telco 2.0' concepts, 2.) they are prepared to create new content for the event, 3.) they are world-class presenters/panellists.

Note: We have a small number of places for vendors to formally speak, but we reserve the majority of those for our sponsor organisations (who's speakers have to match the same criteria as the rest).

If you know someone who meets the criteria and would like to recommend them to us, please drop us an email at: If they're selected and agree to come, we'll give you a 10% discount to the event.