Telco 2.0 on TV: Disruption & Innovation in Voice & Messaging

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We are delighted to have teamed up with Telecom TV who will provide television coverage of our forthcoming Telco 2.0 brainstorm (October 16-18th).

By way of background, we have just completed the first of three pre-event TV panel discussions. This one covered disruption in the core telecoms business of voice & messaging. Our Chief Analyst, Martin Geddes, was joined by Keith Wallington, Director of International Operations at Truphone, and Dr Norman Lewis, CTO of Wireless Grids to explore the threats and opportunities in this space.

You can also view the discussion on Telecom TV here.

The discussion is a prelude to the lively debate we anticipate at the Product Innovation Summit where we are focusing on Voice and Messaging. The three panelists provide great insight into current and future developments in this space, building on the analysis of this blog and linking to that in our forthcoming Telco 2.0 strategy report, Voice & Messaging 2.0. There is also a classic comedy moment about half way through when Norman is asked about his former role at Orange as a 'Futurologist' - I challenge you not to laugh!

There are two more pre-event panel discussions to come:

Stay Tooned!