Ring! Ring! Monday News Analysis, 17th September

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Technology Disruptions

Motorola to tout WiMAX, again; Sprint boasts of 2.5GHz quality; it's been a week of WiMAX. So we're interested to see that having made it far more difficult to communicate with customers by calling their product "Xohm", Sprint's now gone and got itself a blog dedicated to their coming WiMAX network, in order to communicate with their customers better.

Says the blogger: As I'm discovering, RF is perhaps just as much an art as a science (yes, I'm from the Internet world not the wireless telecom domain)...

Telco 2.0 Comment: Everyone has to learn, you know. Just be glad you didn't join Earthlink.

EDGE connections are being observed on O2's UK network, which counts as the only hard evidence for any of the speculation about who gets the iPhone. Of course, Orange already has an EDGE network. Oh well.

Telco 2.0 Comment: Just a reminder that GSM is likely to last longer than we expect, what with there already being further evolutions of EDGE towards data rates of 400Kbits to 1Mbit/s.

New entrant to the mobile OS space: QNX's Neutrino real-time operating system is (kindasorta) open source.

Telco 2.0 Comment: Sounds interesting - don't imagine S60 is the last word!

New details on the Great Skype Crash; looks like it was the client software and the Microsoft patchday whatdunnit. See also Brough Turner's blog.

Telco 2.0 Comment: Spot the bonus STL content in the first link! Worth remembering that large p2p networks are essentially experimenting on their customers; also well worth rereading this post in the light of this.

Portals, Partners, and Platforms

Aricent joins the IMS Forum.

Telco 2.0 Comment: Convergence means competition; it broadens the possible base of competitors. Commoditisation follows shortly!

Salesforce.com introduces a web-based API.

Telco 2.0 Comment: Platforms are coming.

T-Mob UK and 3 meditate network-sharing.

Telco 2.0 Comment: Note that the two flat-rate data carriers in the UK are also the first to consider net-sharing...and how long before we see either a wireless version of Openreach, or else a really big network outsourcer?

Digital Product Innovation

Sprint Nextel intros... a femtocell product! No, it's not a dual-mode box, although the obvious comparison is T-Mobile USA's product. It's a true CDMA femto product, which may be a first.

Telco 2.0 Comment: Mmm, Sprint, still the US's most advanced carrier. SAWS, big IP backbones, affiliates, WiMAX, femtocells.. You might almost think they read this!

The UK goes 100% plus penetration. Britons now have on average 1.6 phones; where do the carriers go from here? <

Telco 2.0 Comment: Telco 2.0, of course! Ask Dean Bubley.

T-Mobile USA acquires SunCom: a battle looms for Leap.

Telco 2.0 Comment: More C's - commoditisation, created by competition and convergence, causes consolidation, conflict, and complexity. Amusingly, the Financial Times reported that xG shares rose due to the initial offer for Leap; now that makes us laugh.

Digital Politics and Regulation

Meanwhile, a ferocious competition bill enters the US Congress, promising to ban essentially all the annoying ways telcos try to cling to their customers.

Telco 2.0 Comment: The chances of this getting through the telco lobby must be small, but it could happen. Barriers to entry and exit are still falling. And here's Viviane Reding, piling into wholesale interconnection fees this time.

Verizon appeals the "Google amendment".

Telco 2.0 Comment: Cheekily, they claim the open-access clause violates their free speech rights (to violate others' free speech, presumably). Well, they've got to try...