E-Comm Event - Special offer for Telco 2.0 readers

If you can get over to Mountain View, California for March 12 - 14 we can't recommend highly enough the Emerging Communications (eComm) Conference 2008. If you use the discount code 'telco20' you can also receive 15% off the entry price as a Telco 2.0 reader. With its growing roster of speakers from among the world's leading thinkers & innovators in telecoms, the organizers aim to "help unleash a 'gold rush' of innovation and democratization in the global telecom industry". The Telco 2.0 team will be there, presenting and supporting. Here's the focus for what looks like being an important debate on radical innovation:

Telecommunications has been stagnant for too long. For all the talk of advanced services, little have appeared. The rest have near-zero consumer traction; and the Internet space has remained fixated with plain old telephony over IP (VoIP). Yet we are on the brink of a communications gold-rush brought about by open spectrum, open handsets, open platforms and technology advances in positioning, digital identity, data sharing and social networking. Opening keynotes include Google's Manager of Mobile Platforms, Rich Miner and Skype's Manager of Audio & Video, Jonathan Christensen. Check it out here.