Free* Telco 2.0 Research

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A number of people have approached us asking if we could make any 'special offers' around our new research and big April event. Since the telecoms industry is only worth $2 trillion, and our analysis describes a growth opportunity of a mere $250bn, it seems only fair to offer some thrifty options:

First up, a free slidehow summarising our recent analysis. Then below that some offers to tempt you or colleagues to access our services.

Special offers - Telco 2.0 Event, 16-17 April, London
- 20% discount for bookings made before 15 February here
- Send a delegation and get additional discounts for group/team bookings.
- If your an alumnus of our events, we have an additional offer. Contact us here.
- Free* new research reports for all event participants. Choose one from:
* Future Broadband Business Models - Winning/losing strategies for service providers
* The "Two-Sided" Platform - Sizing the new commercial opportunity
* Voice & Messaging 2.0 - How to sustain and protect core revenues
* Telcos in Advertising - The best strategic approach for entering the marketing value chain
* Request an event brochure here; Sponsorship Opportunities here; Full details of offers here

[We wouldn't be in the telecoms industry if we didn't have a * for our 'free' offer. Here it is: * Choice of one report. Single User License for all participants at the event.]