Next Generation Mobile Networks Alliance - CeBIT ran a half-day conference at CeBIT on mobile broadband. The presentations - from Vodafone, LG, Nokia Siemens, and Texas Instruments - can be downloaded here...but Hamid Akhavan's, CEO at T-Mobile International, seems to have been withdrawn from the site now. We managed to grab it before it was. The key image is below. It shows the economic unsustainability of mobile broadband, especially on flat-rate tariffs. If you understand that low quality YouTube videos now account for 10% of all global web traffic, then imagine what will happen when the quality improves. In fact you don't need to imagine: see the real stats of the impact of the BBC's iPlayer (high quality streaming video) on UK ISP's in the last 8 weeks since launch (a doubling of streaming traffic and a trebling of costs - analysis here). Then you have to ask: "Don't we need a new business model here, in parallel with the 4G technical developments?" The answer is of course, yes, and we explained why to in detail over a year ago on this blog (here). But, of course, we've had a deafening silence from the tecchies about this ("Not our problem!"). Hence the 4th Telco 2.0 Executive Brainstorm in April to bring 200+ tecchies and commercial people together to look at this in a structured way.