Mobile Networks - Fear Factor

Together with our friends over at TelecomTV, we are in the process of surveying Telecom Executives about their expectations around the brave new world of communications.

Over 400 people have currently completed the survey and it is still open for a short period. Please take a few minutes to complete the survey -- it won't take long. In return not only will we share the findings with you for FREE, but we will also donate $1 to, UNHCR's charity, Many thanks to the survey sponsor, Qualcomm.


For us, currently the biggest surprise is that telco executives see the biggest threat coming from new entrants and device makers shaking up the market -- rather than the current competition, regulators, technology or users changing behaviour.

For our next executive brainstorm in April, rather than focussing on threats we are going to be looking at new opportunities, namely the 2-sided business model opportunity.