Credit Crunch: Is there a silver lining for telcos? (Part 3)

As a preview to the Telco 2.0 event in a few week's time and a follow up on our analysis of the credit crunch, we were delighted to take part in a panel on TelecomTV last week:

This is how they billed it: The troubles affecting the world's financial markets is having a knock-on effect on just about every industrial and business sector on the planet. However, the good news is that telecoms is suffering much less now than it did when it experienced its own recession between 2000 and 2005. Today, mobile operators facing a potential slowdown in developed and saturated markets are able to move quickly to exploit growth opportunities in emerging economies whilst the big incumbent fixed line carriers suddenly find themselves back in the limelight and investor's good books. Watch the panel to find out why the Telco market could just survive the current economic storm and act as the lubricant to the digital economy.