Telco 2.0 is seeking your views...and hiring

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1. Drive the Telco 2.0 Research Agenda - Please help direct our 2009 research agenda via a short survey here (5 mins max). We will donate to charity for every respondent (details here).

2. Telco 2.0 is hiring world-class staff - Due to the tremendous interest in the Telco 2.0 Initiative and our approach to business model innovation we are hiring staff at all levels, senior and junior: a.) Researchers/analysts, b.) Strategy Consultants, c.) Business Development Execs.

Flexible remuneration packages: employment (UK-based) or contracting (anywhere). Fluent English required.

To apply, please email us i.) with a critique of the 'Telco 2.0' manifesto, ii.) detailing how your skills and experience could add value to our business, iii.) with descriptions/examples of world-class business model analysis you've done in the Telecoms-Media-Tech sector. (Please do not send CV's without this information.)