LiMo - The Tortoise picks up Momentum

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Handset Operating Systems are crucial to the Telco 2.0 world - they are at the front line for the presentation of Operator services. Today, the proliferation of handset operating systems is making application development unnecessarily complex. Over time the number of Operating Systems will reduce, and the LiMo Foundation is in the prime position to move from its current position at the back of the pack to lead the field.

Mobile Linux foundation LiMo's presence at the Mobile World Congress was impressive. DoCoMo demonstrated a series of handsets built on the OS; and LG & Samsung showed a series of reference implementations. But more impressive than the actual and reference handsets were the toolkits launched by Access and Azingo.


We believe that LiMo has an important role to play in the Mobile Ecosystem and the platform is so compelling that over time more and more handsets based upon the OS will find their way into consumers hands. So why is LiMo different and important?

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