Is Online Video commercially viable? new Online Video Market Study

As you'll be aware from previous posts ("How does YouTube make money?" and more BBC i-Player analysis here), we've been researching the Online Video market for a while. We're now pleased to report that our latest essay crisis is over and that we've now published the new 148 page Telco 2.0 Strategy Research Report Online Video Market Study: Options and Opportunities for Distributors in a time of massive disruption. The report identifies in detail the scenarios and strategies that Telcos and other distributors should adopt in the commercially challenged online video market.

Key Report findings:

  1. Recent industry spats (e.g. Google / YouTube vs PRS) are a symptom of deeper business problems
  2. 3 competing future market scenarios identified: "Old Order", "Pirate World", "New World Order"
  3. Online Video Market forecast to grow from $2Bn to $28Bn in 5 years - but still less than 10% of traditional TV and Cinema
  4. For profitable growth Telecoms Operators need to take an active rather than a passive role in the distribution of online video, learning lessons from the example of FedEx and others in the physical distribution world.
Topics Covered
  1. Current market and variation across national markets
  2. Business Model Analysis: Hulu Vs YouTube
  3. Significant changes and trends in content production, aggregation and distribution
  4. Significant changes and trends in devices and end-user behaviour
  5. Detail on the scenarios and the likely market evolution
  6. Consequences of the changes by content genre (movies, music, sport, user-generated, adult)
  7. Strategies to prosper as the scenarios evolve

For more on the report see here or email We'll also be discussing the issues involved at the Telco 2.0 event in Nice, 6th-7th May.