Open Mobile Summit: Telco 2.0 CEO to speak

We don't promote many events, but we like this one: the Open Mobile Summit, which is being held in London on the 10th-11th of June. Telco 2.0's CEO will be speaking in the session on "How to make the business case for operators and open access" on day one, sharing some of the output from the Telco 2.0 Exec Brainstorm in May; and you might recognise our friend James Enck as well, who's chairing the conference on that day.

Innovators from Yahoo!, RIM, TeliaSonera, DTAG, Opera Software, Google, Truphone, Access, Symbian, LiMo, Openmoko, Mozilla and many more are expected. And it's going to be all about serving the needs of developers, content providers, advertisers and enterprises, while using the new opportunities open-source technologies provide and keeping operators wired into the value chains of the future.


There's a neat podcast here from last year's show.