APIs: How to make money from them?

APIs is a big theme of our work currently. Plenty of technical activity going on, but not enough work on how to monetise them. On stage for the first time together next Thursday at Telco 2.0 will be leaders of the major API programmes - GSMA, TM Forum, MEF Smart Pipes, OMTP BONDI, Orange Partners - and some of their potential users (eg. BBC). We'll be presenting some analysis of the options for monetising API's to kick off the debate, and Alcatel-Lucent will be sharing new research on what enabling capabilities 'over-the-top' players are willing to pay for (and thus could profitably be exposed via APIs). Below is a short preview of the session:

[Ed. - if you want access to the output from the brainstorm, but are busy or can't travel next week, do consider our new 'distance participation' package.]