"Social News" = "New Players Emerge"?

Here's another attempt to map the future of media: How Our News Sources Changed in the Last 200 Years.

News sources changing over time

Predictions, as they say, are especially difficult about the future, and it's certainly a brave one to forecast a future dominated by "social" and "targeted" news - two forms of media that don't exist yet and that we don't really know how to describe or define. But one of the interesting things here is how closely this maps to the progression through our scenarios in the Online Video Distribution market study.

We see the video market progressing rapidly away from its traditional set-up, into a chaotic period we called Pirate World, during which we expected a wave of creative destruction and wild experimentation, and eventually stabilising as powerful new players emerge. Here's the original presentation that we introduced in this post:

Whatever "social news" might turn out to be, it sounds a lot like one of our "new players"; driven by aggregation, metadata, user experience and integrated delivery rather than by content or infrastructure ownership.