eComm Fall, 28-30 Oct, Amsterdam - Recommended Event

If you are interested in some high octane stimulation in addition to the upcoming Telco 2.0 events (EMEA and Americas), we'd strongly recommend eComm Fall, The Emerging Communications Conference & Awards in Amsterdam on 28-30 October. 10% discounts available to Telco 2.0 readers here.

eComm promotes and accelerates communications innovation and showcases 'what's next' in Telecom, mobile and Internet comms. And we agree with Lee Dryburgh, eComm's founder, when he says:

"There is not a migratory way for telecom operators and media outlets to the future; emergent social practice is increasingly clashing with their very structure and desires. This means unprecedented opportunity for those ahead-of-the-curve.
The emerging transformations require big thoughts and big bets. eComm is the venue for those thoughts and bets to be shared and heard."

For more information please visit or register here to receive a 'Telco 2.0' 10% discount.