New Mobile, Fixed & Wholesale Broadband Business Models

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Best Practice Innovation, 'Telco 2.0' Opportunities, Forecasts and Future Scenarios

We've just published a major new Strategy Report on the future of broadband, including analysis of the latest new ideas in broadband business model innovation, new 'Telco 2.0' Opportunities, global forecasts, four future strategic scenarios, and a detailed 'Use Case' describing a new Managed Offload 'Use Case'. The report also covers conclusions and recommendations for Telcos and other Broadband Service providers (BSPs) and their partners

You can see more including an extract, overview and report content, pricing etc., here, plus there's a taster on the four scenarios we see for broadband market players: 'Telco 2.0 Player', 'Happy Piper', 'Device Specialist', and 'Government Department'.

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Source: Telco 2.0 Analysis

This new report follows on from the original Future Broadband Business Models 2.0 report, and the recent report on the impact of Video on Broadband Business Models.