Google: Where to Collaborate, Where to Compete?

Yesterday the Financial Times did a big splash on the joint assault by Deutsche Telekom, Orange Group and Telefonica on Google about the 'free ride' the internet giant gets on their pipes. Clearly Telco 2.0's work on how telcos can best collaborate and compete with Google becomes even more pertinent.

As readers may know we have a major session dedicated to this topic at our next Executive Brainstorm on 28-29 April in London, involving panelists from Vodafone Group, Deutsche Telekom, Amdocs Interactive and Ericsson. Telco 2.0 will be presenting a summary of our analysis to kick-start the debate. Should get lively...

In the meantime, for those who missed it, our analysis of Eric Schmidt's address to Mobile World Congress in Feb is here, a new syndicated research project designed to de-bunk the myths of wireless data traffic is described here, and below is a video interview with Telecom TV on 'Living with Google', filmed with Telco 2.0's CEO and MD ten days ago: