Telco 2.0 @ Open Mobile Summit, May 26-27 London

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Simon Torrance, CEO Telco 2.0, will be on a panel discussing business models, 'living with Google', and sharing some of the outputs of last week's 9th Executive Brainstorm at The Open Mobile Summit in London, May 26-27 (see here).

The Open Mobile Summit is run by friends of Telco 2.0, and we think it's one of the more interesting industry conferences, so we recommend you have a look at it if you can. It brings together top executives from across operators, handset OEMs, Internet and media companies, to explore where the value is shifting in mobile. There's a summary below on who's going and the topics covered.


Operators participating this year include:

- Olaf Swantee SEVP France Telecom
- Olivier Baujard CTO Deutsche Telekom
- Hakan Dahlstrom, President Mobile, TeliaSonera
- Pieter Knook, Director Internet, Vodafone
- Kim Byjberg, GM M2M, KPN
- Mike Short, VP R&D, O2
- Michael Reilly, Director Orange Healthcare
- Joacquim Croca, Head of Health Solutions, Vodafone
- Tanya Field, Director Mobile Data, O2
- Rolv-Erik Spilling, CTO, Telenor
- Niklas Sonkin, EVP, Tele2

Topics for discussion include: How operators can monetize the application ecosystem, Pricing and delivering profitable mobile broadband services, M2M, mHealth, the impact of the ebook revolution and the iPad, the business case for LTE, mobile advertising, content monetization, the value in social and location.

There's more on the Open Mobile Summit here.