New Telco Growth: is Time Running Out?

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At a time when telcos are being re-rated as quasi utilities by investors, the importance of creating sophisticated and effective strategies for new growth is becoming ever more pressing. But the recent Telco 2.0 'Executive Brainstorm' demonstrated that the clock is ticking fast and the opportunity could slip away from Telcos as nimbler competitors from adjacent industries take the value.

There's a write up of the top level take-outs and votes from the Brainstorm here.

Below are two useful videos from the event below showing Telco 2.0's CEO, Simon Torrance, interviewed by Telecom TV on the overall messages, and our Director of Consulting, Phil Laidler, outlining the opportunity in enterprise services.

Simon Torrance, CEO Telco 2.0, on the overall messages.

Phil Laidler, Director of Consulting, Telco 2.0, outlines the enterprise services opportunity.