Telco 2.0 Americas: 92% said 'Time for Strategic Change Now'

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In preparation for next week's 11th Telco 2.0 EMEA Executive Brainstorm on 9-10 November 2010, there is a 16 page initial summary of the key out-takes from the 10th Telco 2.0 Americas Executive Brainstorm (incorporating Digital Entertainment 2.0) held in Santa Monica, Los Angeles, October 28-29, 2010, on our research portal here.

One hundred and twenty senior strategy execs from across the North American telecoms, media and technology sectors participated in the event. 92% of participants agreed it is time for telcos to make either a step change in key functions (34%) or initiate a fundamental transformation (58%) in the next 12-18 months.

The next Telco 2.0/Digital Entertainment 2.0 Americas Brainstorm will be held on 4-5 April 2011 in San Francisco. In the meantime, there is a global 'virtual event' on 25-26 January. The 'Roadmap to New Telco 2.0 Telecoms Business Models' Strategy Report, which carries greater depth on the key themes, will be published in December 2010.

The summary covers:-

  • Strategy & Finance: Time to Change
  • Broadband Economics: Business Models in a State of Flux
  • Monetising Apps: Internally and Externally
  • Cloud Services: a '$44Bn Telco Opportunity', But...
  • The 'Personal Information Economy' (PIE) is Coming
  • Growing Fear of Facebook and Apple
  • Digital Entertainment 2.0: Multi-Screen TV / Digital Lockers - Room for Hollywood and Telcos to collaborate more deeply?
  • Next Steps
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