Threats to the Telco Business Model: Next Week - 2nd/3rd Feb Reminder

A quick reminder, Telco 2.0 is presenting our second FREE 'Best Practice Live!' virtual event on Wednesday 2nd February, 0900-1500 GMT, and Thursday 3rd February, 0900-1500 Pacific Standard Time, it features online presentations by, and live discussions with, key innovators in the industry. Sign up here - more details are here]

Here's a quick preview of the first session at Best Practice Live! 2. The theme is External Threats to the Telco Business Model. We recently published an analyst's note on Facebook. At our most recent events, delegates thought Facebook was clearly their highest competitive priority - which should come as no surprise. As Telco 2.0 MD Chris Barraclough points out in this new presentation (slides here, permanent link here for members), Facebook urgently needs to be a competitor to telcos' voice, messaging, and video products if it is ever going to come close to realising the fabulous valuations placed on it.


Although its growth is spectacular, it's beaten only by the growth in investors' expectations of growth in actual revenues, profits, and cashflow. Revenue per user is about one quarter of Skype's monthly average revenue per paying user, for example. Which would make us tend to wonder who's going to be paying who under their "strategic partnership".

We'll also have presentations on:

  • Out-Appling Apple: is it even possible?
  • Telcos vs. Internet Players: Act before it's too late
  • Evolution of the Mobile Ecosystem: What's happening to handsets?
  • and more...

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