YouTube: Recent improvements could change the game (again)

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YouTube’s recent improvements to its business model and balance sheet make it much more attractive to content owners. What are behind these developments and what are the wider implications for all players in the market?

With the victory in the court case against Viacom, YouTube has eliminated liabilities which threatened its business. A successful music partnership with Vevo has turned some enemies into partners and provides an example to other content owners of the benefits of partnering with YouTube. We analyse the impact of these developments in a new article published in full on our research site here, plus:

  • How YouTube has improved the monetization of its assets
  • Innovations in its business model;
  • Strategies that content owners need to take to maximize their share of the market;
  • Implications for Telcos and ISPs.

Don Draper would have loved ContentID

[NB. We'll also be covering these themes in depth at the Digital Entertainment 2.0 stream of the upcoming New Digital Economics Brainstorms (Palo Alto, 4-7 April, London, 11-13 May, and Singapore 22-23 June). You can also email us at or call +44 (0) 207 547 5003.]