Strategy 2.0: Facebook's strategy in the 'Great Game'

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The Great Game Chart Feb 2012.png

The 'Great Game' is the battle between the industrial giants of the digital economy, including the telcos, Facebook, Apple, Google and Skype, and is summarised in the chart above, extracted from our report on 'Dealing with the Disruptors'.

The chart outlines the battles by player and by strategic market, and shows where the businesses make their primary profits (Core Businesses) and where they operate 'Synergic Businesses' which support them.

Facebook's core business is advertising, supported by synergic businesses in online content and payments, and we believe it will move into further into communications in an attempt to bolster its value. (See also our research articles on Facebook: moving into telco space?, Facebook: worth $30Bn max, and Facing up to Facebook.)

Further detail on the chart can be found here, and there is an explanatory presentation by Chris Barraclough, Chief Strategist, Telco 2.0, at the New Digital Economics Online Event next Tuesday 14th February (apply here for this free, invitation only event).