Euro telcos: fiddling while the platform burns?

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As a 'litmus test' of industry expectations at the EMEA Executive Brainstorm, Telco 2.0's Chief Strategist Chris Barraclough presented our forecast that UK core telco market revenues will drop by 24% by 2018 from the 2009 peak. (NB We are working on forecasts for other markets.)

3. The Market 2.0 - Chris Barraclough - STL Partners forecast.png

Two thirds of delegates thought this leading indicator forecast either 'about right' or 'too optimistic', and it's clear that most executives across the European telecoms industry accept that the current telco business model is in decline (the 'burning platform').

However, wholehearted action to create sustainable new models is not in place. We identify the key barriers and next steps to overcome them in this top-level analysis of findings from the brainstorm.