Cloud, SDN: Disruptive Innovation & Supply Side Disintermediation

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Cloud and Software Defined Networking (SDN - on which we're also about to publish a new report) are increasingly important topics that will be covered at the EMEA Brainstorm, 5-6th June, London. As part of our preparations, Telco 2.0 spoke to Alex Jinivizian, Head of Enterprise Strategy, Verizon, who's joining us to discuss some of the latest developments and opportunities in these areas. Alex told us he'd just posted a piece on disruptive innovation on the Verizon site - here's a teaser...

"Disruption is occurring on both the supply and demand side: the value chain is shifting, and new business models are emerging resulting in value creation, and value destruction..."

Worth a read - and why not also network and explore the issues with Alex, Telco 2.0 analysts, and other senior execs at the brainstorm? (Please email for more.)