5-Minute Survey Invitation: Can Telcos fight back in digital commerce?

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The growth of the internet giants and their associated success with appstores has resulted in many telcos being marginalised from the provision of digital services to customers. We are now conducting research to explore if recent market and technology developments could result in a shift from the native (Android, Apple) 'app economy' to a new mobile web experience.

Such developments include:

  • More powerful smartphones with larger screens capable of delivering a good mobile web experience

  • Faster (3G and 4G) networks that can deliver rich web-based content to mobile devices

  • Momentum building around the latest incarnation of HTML, built specifically with mobile in mind

  • Stronger web discovery capabilities on mobile devices

These developments beg the question whether mobile operators can play a bigger role in the digital commerce value chain?

As part of the research into this topic, STL Partners is conducting a survey with industry participants. It will take only 5 minutes to complete and the report resulting from this and other analysis will be sent to all participants.

Click here to participate and receive our complementary report