NFC v BLE v SIM v Cloud: the Mobile Marketing and Commerce technology battle

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We'ce recently published a new report that will help digital commerce players assess some tough technology and strategy choices in the on-going mobile marketing and commerce battle.

The report addresses questions such as:

  • Will bricks and mortar merchants embrace NFC or Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) or cloud-based solutions?
  • If NFC does take off, will SIM cards or trusted execution environments be used to secure services?
  • Should digital commerce brokers use SMS, in-app notifications or IP-based messaging services to interact with consumers?
  • What are the big players backing, and what will be the key indicators that a specific technology is likely to win?

You can read an excerpt of the report here and we'll also be covering Mobile Marketing and Commerce at the Onfuture America 2014 Brainstorm (May 20-21, Mountain View) and OnFuture EMEA 2014 (June 10-11, London) - email us at to apply to participate.

Chart Excerpt from Mobile Commerce Technology Battle Report

mobile marketing tech battle main feb 2014.png