Telco-Driven Disruption: Hits & Misses (Part 1)

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Although telcos aren't generally associated with disruption, many operators around the world have attempted to disrupt adjacent markets, such as digital commerce, entertainment and financial services. In some cases, telcos have even disrupted their core broadband and communications markets.

While many of these moves have fizzled out or have flown below investors' radar screens, several have had a major impact on both the telco's revenues and relevance. These include SK Planet, M-Pesa, Au Smart Pass and BT Sport. In our latest research report Telco-Driven Disruption: Hits & Misses (Part 1 of 2) we look at why some disruptive moves by telcos succeed and others fail? You can see an extract here. It's part of our new research stream 'Dealing with Disruption in Communications, Content and Commerce'.

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