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New Research: 5 Key Ways to Meet the Agility Challenge

We've just published a new research paper 'The 'Agile Operator': 5 Key Ways to Meet the Agility Challenge'. The report asks: What is 'agility', and what makes it meaningful to operators? We explored the concept and characteristics of 'operator agility' through 29 interviews with telco senior executives, found three main barriers and five key opportunity areas, and identified some surprising and important conclusions about both what it means and the key steps needed to achieve it.

The report is part of the Executive Briefing Service and you can read an excerpt of the report here. For more on any of our services, please email or call +44 207 247 5003.

Extract chart from the report:

Agility Figure 3.png

Request for Input: The Agility Challenge - Find out how agile you are

STL Partners are also initiating the Telco 2.0 Agility Challenge, a survey which enables operators to gauge how agile they are. It takes about 10 minutes and we think that just completing it gives a good sense of the key areas of focus - though we're also open to feedback on how to improve it (email

Operators are invited to self-score across the 5 domains of agility highlighted above. Scores will remain confidential and operators will receive an anonymised benchmark of how they compare against the other Challenge participants.

Click Here to Participate in the Telco 2.0 Agility Challenge