Telco-Driven Disruption: What NTT DOCOMO, KT and Globe got right

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NTT Docomo earns 15% of its revenues from non-traditional sources, the largest proportion of any telco worldwide. Our latest 'Dealing with Disruption' stream research briefing 'What NTT DOCOMO, KT and Globe got right' looks at how DOCOMO did it, what did it learn, and what else can be learned from other telco attempts at disruptive innovation?

As they seek new sources of revenue, many telcos around the world are attempting to disrupt adjacent markets, such as digital commerce, IT, entertainment and financial services. While many of these moves have proved to be too little, too late, several disruptive plays have had a significant impact on both the telco's revenues and relevance.

As well as NTT DOCOMO's Smart Life portfolio, these include Globe Telecom's GCash service and KT's media business, as well as some of those we looked at in the first report in this series (which included BT Sport, SK Planet and AT&T Digital Life and others). Why do some disruptive moves by telcos succeed and others fail? More here.