The European Telecoms market in 2020: Evaluating 10 forces of change

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We've just published a new research paper 'The European Telecoms market in 2020, Report 1: Evaluating 10 forces of change'. In the first of two reports, STL Partners evaluates how several powerful forces, within and beyond the control of telcos, look set to change the shape of the European market and considers the options for how these might develop going forward. The forces covered are:

  1. Regulation
  2. Competition
  3. Revenue outlook (for core services)
  4. Technological changes
  5. Capital markets/investor attitudes
  6. Customer attitudes and behaviour
  7. Telco vision and aspirations
  8. Telco culture, skills, partnerships and assets
  9. M&A
  10. Absolute and relative capex and opex (compared with OTT players)

The report is part of the Telco 2.0 Transformation stream, and you can read an excerpt here.

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Extract chart from the report:

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