March 29, 2011

Telco 2.0 is Hiring!

Interested in joining the crew of the Telco 2.0 spaceship? A berth has become available. Read on for the full job advert…

STL Partners - Vacancy for Head of Client Services - £40-£50K OTE, London (City/Shoreditch)

As a result of our rapid and continuing growth, we are now looking to recruit a Head of Client Services to oversee the management of our client projects and, working directly with the CEO and sales team, help grow a significant new line of business.

We want to hear from those who seek P&L responsibility and have the drive and determination to make a success of an exciting B2B marketing opportunity in the Telecoms, Media and Technology sector.

You must have a minimum of 3-5 years proven expertise in:

  • Planning and selling creative and effective B2B marketing solutions (digital media, lead generation programmes and events)

  • The Telecoms, Media, Technology sector

  • Client/Account Management

  • Project Planning and Management (working effectively with internal product and sales teams)

  • Directly managing and motivating telemarketing teams

  • Database development and reporting

  • Campaign Tracking & Measurement

  • Monitoring and managing internal revenue growth targets

  • International assignments

The opportunity would suit someone who has been trained at a larger agency or worked on the client side and risen swiftly through the ranks, and is now looking to take on new responsibilities and make a major new career move to leverage their skills and experiences.

Significant performance-related bonus and share options to supplement the base salary will be offered to the successful candidate. The post reports directly to the CEO, Simon Torrance.

  • Office location: Border of City/Shoreditch. No relocation package applies.

  • Full-time, starting as soon as possible.

Please send your CV to in the first instance with a brief covering email, and we will follow up straightaway.

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December 18, 2009

Telco 2.0 User Survey

Here’s your opportunity to help Telco 2.0 improve our service to you. To make it happen: simply fill in this brief survey.

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March 26, 2009

Is Online Video commercially viable? new Online Video Market Study

As you’ll be aware from previous posts (“How does YouTube make money?” and more BBC i-Player analysis here), we’ve been researching the Online Video market for a while. We’re now pleased to report that our latest essay crisis is over and that we’ve now published the new 148 page Telco 2.0 Strategy Research Report Online Video Market Study: Options and Opportunities for Distributors in a time of massive disruption. The report identifies in detail the scenarios and strategies that Telcos and other distributors should adopt in the commercially challenged online video market.

Key Report findings:

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October 22, 2007

Ring! Ring! Monday News Analysis - 22nd October

US telcos who participated in illegal surveillance aren’t out of the woods yet; Senator Chris Dodd plans to filibuster the act granting them immunity. Remember that the Foreign Intelligence Supervision Act provides that each subscriber in the US could individually sue….that’s a chunk of change. Here’s the Senator in his own words.

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July 17, 2007

Behold the Data Transport Systems Project

So you’ve read about our methodology, and you understand that it’s all about the distribution of bits that the recipient considers valuable. You’ve read the map, and the essay that goes with it.

But how will all this be put into practice? For that, you need our Data Transport Systems project - think of it as Telco 2017. From here to October, Martin Geddes, Rafil Khatib, Keith McMahon and I will be inquiring into how the forces detailed in the maps will twist the telecoms industry over the next 10 years. We’ll be looking at everything from BitTorrent to cinemas and USB sticks, and drawing lessons from electricity grids and container shipping networks on how mass wholesale businesses can make very personalised, targeted ones possible.

Not just that, but we’re also interested in failure.

We’ll be looking at the differences between things that succeed and then go obsolete, and the ones that hit the trees at the edge of the airfield. MMS, this means you. There’s also going to be peering, interconnection, and the pressing question of whether telecoms is going to be a for-profit activity in 2017, rather than a huge cost centre like a corporate IT department, a government agency, or Haiti with routers. And if it is still profitable, where it will be making money.

Remember, the Map says by then we’ll see “other” passing broadband, steamphone, and NGN added together. DTS is intended to answer the question of what the other will be. It’s traditional to say that the future might be X, Y, or “something we can’t imagine yet”; but it’s also trivial. It’s abundantly clear that the traditional telco model won’t be “it”, but there are also good reasons to imagine that classic ISPs are not “the future” (so many are morphing into sizable telcolike entities, after all). So what will the synthesis be?

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January 16, 2007

Meet the Telco 2.0 team

We’re going our bit for global warming over the next month or so by emitting all the CO2 we can whilst the opportunity is still there.

Our Chief Analyst, Martin Geddes, will be part of a panel at the FTTH Council Europe’s event in Barcelona on 7 February, together with a collective of fellow bloggers. He will also be a keynote speaker at O’Reilly Emerging Telephony on 1 March in San Francisco, as well as debating the merits of IMS at the same event. This is a particularly good event, which we’re proud to endorse.

The whole Telco 2.0 team from STL will be at 3GSM in Barcelona from 12-15 February, presenting findings and running workshops on the research we’ve done in partnership the GSMA - covering ‘Voice & Messaging 2.0’ and ‘Role of Telcos in the Advertising Value Chain’. We’re be in Hall 7 (precise location to be confirmed) - come and find us.

Then we’re off to St.Anton (high in the Swiss Alps) on 16th March for an interesting ‘workshop-and-ski’ organised by Jnetx on Next Generation Service Platform architecture.

Back in London, of course, for the big Telco 2.0 Industry Brainstorm on 27-29 March, and then zipping across to New York to support the GSM Association’s ‘Mobile Entertainment & Advertising Summit’ on 30 March (details to follow).

If you are interested in meeting us at any of these events, please do contact us.

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January 12, 2007

Telco 2.0 in the Press and on TV

It’s been good to get some press coverage of our recent Telco 2.0 research. The journalists certainly seem to think that the initiative is refreshing…

And, then, a nice interview with the extremely nice Guy Daniels of Telecom TV today - view here (under ‘Web 2.0 threat’). (They’ll be covering our workshops at 3GSM as well, I think).

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December 22, 2006

Seasons Greetings to Telco 2.0 ‘Blognoscenti’

The Telco 2.0 blog will go a little quieter over the holiday season, as we grab a moment to re-charge our batteries and then get our heads down on our current research programmes.

The Telco 2.0 Initiative was started in May 2006 with the first edition of the landmark Market Study and, in the short period of time since then, seems to have captured the imagination of this fascinating industry.

We repeatedly get asked “what are you trying to achieve?” To which we tend to answer “We’re trying to shake things up!”. Why do we think this is useful? It’s taking the role of a catalyst - a force that provokes or speeds significant change or action. We believe, and it’s borne out by our recent our research, that there’s a need for this in the TMT (Telecoms-Media-Technology) space, and we’re passionate about taking a leading position in driving it forward: Strategic Direction, Creative Ideas, Practical Actions for new business models and services for all players in the value chain or, more accurately, the ‘value network’: incumbent operators, start-ups, ‘disruptors’, content owners, consumer electronics manufacturers, internet and IT players, local communities and government, and, most importantly…End-Users like you and me.

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June 13, 2006

Welcome to the Telco 2.0 Blog

This Blog supports the ‘Telco 2.0 Initiative’, a new industry programme focused on helping with this thorny question: “How do we (telcos, handset manufacturers, Media companies, IT players, NEPs, etc) make money in an IP-based world?”

Our primary focus is on business model innovation, new products and services, new markets and disruptive technology.

The Blog Editorial team is made up of a group highly creative industry practitioners who’ve worked at the sharp end of implementing change within large organisations and growing business within small ones. In addition to the blog we run industry brainstorms and research programmes. See here for full details.

They are supported by consultants and researchers from our sister consulting company, STL Partners.

There is a lot of material in this blog. You can navigate around the site by clicking on the Categories list on the right, using the search function, or the Archive function.

Our tentacles reach far and are highly active. So we hope to bring you the best, quickest and most useful analysis in this blog. Please do deluge us with comments and ideas. That’s what blogs are all about!

The Editor

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