October 12, 2009

Digital Music - will a ‘public license’ address the fundamental challenges?

Below is first of a new series of ‘Devil’s Advocate’ articles, where we ask people to look at topics from a different point of view.


This guest post from Gerd Leonhard of Mediafuturist, takes the form of an impassioned ‘Open Letter to Governments’ for a Digital Music License (DML) as an alternative to the proposed ‘3 Strikes and Disconnection’ legislation in many countries.
Readers should note that the ‘official’ Telco 2.0 line runs contrary to Gerd’s views. We believe that there are other, more practical, ways of improving the music industry’s business model problem. But then, that’s the point of this ‘Devil’s Advocate’ thread…to challenge our and our readers’ thinking.

[Ed. - Either way, this should help warm people up to the debates we’ll be having with Feargal Sharkey et al at the 7th Telco 2.0 Exec Brainstorm on 4-5 November in London. And Gerd will be on hand to shake things up a bit.]

The Digital Music License (DML) - why and how a new public license for the legal consumption of music on the Internet would provide a solid alternative to the proposed ‘3 Strikes & Disconnection’ legislation

Dear Policy Makers and Governmental Organizations:

The  proposed “3 Strikes” legislation is flawed in many more ways than I could hope to outline in this letter, and many of these issues have already been addressed in many other places. Therefore I shall provide only a quick summary of some of the key issues, and then move on to describe what a fruitful, realistic and decidedly more pragmatic alternative could look like.

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