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New Business Models, New 'Use Cases', New Roadmap

Focus: Reducing Friction in the Digital Economy: Exploiting new telecoms capabilities. Industry next steps towards realizing the $350bn 'two-sided' telecoms market opportunity

Format: The exec brainstorm uses Telco 2.0's unique 'Mindshare' interactive format (more)

Presenters and panelists: There will be 50 'stimulus' speakers. Latest list here

Day Two - 10th December

0830 Welcome, Agenda and Warm-Up

  • Simon Torrance, CEO, Telco 2.0 Initiative (Facilitator)

0900 Internet Access 2.0: Addressing the Mobile Broadband Capacity Crunch

  • Addressing the capacity and coverage problem from mobile data
  • Opportunities for fixed players to offer 'Managed Offload' services
  • User Experience
  • Value creation and Money Flow
  • Implications and Next Step Actions

Presenters and panelists:

  • Dean Bubley, Senior Associate, Telco 2.0 Initiative

0945 Voice & Messaging 2.0: Comms-Enabled Business Processes

  • Opportunity to grow revenues from the Government/Enterprise/SME sector
  • Creating a new 'platform' business model using Voice and Messaging APIs
  • Comms-enabled business processes
  • Value creation and Money Flow
  • Implications and Next Step Actions
  • New Telco 2.0 'Use Case' #4

Presenters and panelists:

  • Thomas Howe, CEO, The Thomas Howe Company
  • Irv Shapiro,CEO, Ifbyphone
  • Russ McGuire, VP Corporate Strategy, Sprint

1100 Break

1130 M2M 2.0 Opportunities in mHealth

  • Defining the M2M/embedded mobility market
  • Opportunities in Healthcare
  • Monetising M2M - early experiences
  • Lessons from New Telco 2.0 'Use Case': Managed Home Networks
  • Future business models and revenue opportunities

Presenters and panelists:

  • Ken Figueredo, Principle, Ventura
  • Rick Cnossen, President, Continua Healthcare Alliance
  • Niels Helkov, VP e-Health Americas, Orange Healthcare
  • Kevin Johnson, Director, Digital Enterprise Group, Intel
  • David McNierney, Solution Executive, SAP
  • Keith McMahon, Senior Analyst, Telco 2.0 Initiative

1315 Lunch

1400 Cloud Computing 2.0: The role for telcos

  • SaaS
  • Application Delivery Networks
  • Content Delivery Networks

Presenters and panelists:

  • Andreas Koch, Senior Director Service Provider Marketing and Strategy, Juniper Networks
  • John Woodget, Worldwide Director, Service Providers, Intel
  • Joe Weinman, VP Strategy, AT&T Business Solutions
  • Steve Zimba, CMO, C-Beyond
  • Erez Yarkoni, VP, Software Development & Architecture, T-Mobile USA
  • Thomas Rambold, CEO, Dess (Moderator)

1515 APIs and 'Open' 2.0: Models for monetisation

  • New aggregation strategies
  • Best practices from outside telecoms
  • Practicalities of enabling mash-ups
  • Defining a common cross-operator commercial framework

Presenters and panelists:

  • Ilja Laurs, CEO, Getjar
  • Russ McGuire, VP Corporate Strategy, Sprint
  • Maurice Thompson, Director ODI, Verizon Wireless
  • Andrew Bud, Chairman, Mobile Entertainment Forum
  • Sanjay Jhawar, Partner, Ideas & Plans
  • Geoff Hollingworth, Director Marketing, Ericsson

1700 Close

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