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Is there $250bn in new 'Two-Sided' Telecoms Business Models?

The fourth Telco 2.0™ Executive Brainstorm, on 16-17 April in London, builds on previous events and new research to interrogate the concept of the 'Two-sided Telecoms Business Model'.

Our analysis suggests this offers a significant strategic growth opportunity:

Some operators are experimenting with more open platforms and new business models. However, this activity is rooted firmly in their technology departments. The commercial structures needed to reap the benefits for all parties are not yet in place.

The fourth Telco 2.0™ 'Executive Brainstorm' articulates clearly, for the first time, the commercial opportunity around two-sided telecoms business models. Incorporating its unique 'Mindshare' interactive format, the event provides a structured and creative environment for invited execs to consider the practicalities of the opportunity.

New analysis is being prepared to inform the debate in April:

NOTE: Complimentary research reports for all participants (more)

The planned outputs for the event participants are:

The format is described in more detail here. The agenda is here. In addition we will be running a small exhibition showing demonstrations of the most cutting-edge 'Telco 2.0™' products, tools and techniques, a special ‘Mash-Up’ demo session, and evening networking parties. After the event, on the morning of 18th April, we will be holding an informal ‘Meet the Telco 2.0 Analysts’ open morning to discuss some of their latest research output.

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