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Based on landmark research
Telco 2.0™ Future Broadband Business Models Research Report
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Programme Overview

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16-17 April - Main Event – Two-Sided Telecoms Business ModelsDay OneDrinks receptionDay TwoDrinks Reception and Mash-Up DemosAll days:  Innovators’ Zone Live Demos and ExhibitionDay ThreeOptional – Meet the Telco 2.0TM Analysts

Research Input

The Telco 2.0™ team is currently undertaking new research and analysis to inform the debate in April.

Some of this will be formally presented at the event. Some will be used to brief the other stimulus presenters.

For other ongoing analysis see Telco 2.0™ blog –

NEW: Additional complimentary research for participants

All participants are offered a recent Telco 2.0™ strategy report worth £1,995. Choose between one of these:

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