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Telco 2.0™ Future Broadband Business Models Research Report
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16-17 April
Main Event

Two-Sided Telecoms Business Models

Day One | Day Two | Day Three (Optional)

Using the ‘Mindshare’ interactive process this session is made up of short, specially prepared ‘stimulus presentations’, interactive audience feedback via collaborative technology, votes on key topics, in-depth panel discussions and supported by expert ‘analysts-in-residence’ to process feedback in real time. Additional networking will take place in an exhibition area.

Speakers are listed here and below in the agenda:

DAY ONE - New insights on making $$$ in the future

16th April (0830 – 1800)

0830 – Introduction, Agenda, Warm-up

Facilitator: Simon Torrance, CEO, Telco 2.0™ Initiative

0900 – Section 1: New Addressable Markets

Results of new Telco 2.0™ market sizing analysis of the potential $250bn telecoms platform growth opportunity. How is this number made up? How could it be achieved? By whom? What under-exploited assets can be leveraged? What is the role of ‘wholesale’? What are the implications and opportunities for the digital economy more widely?

Stimulus presenters:
  • The New 'Two-Sided Telecom Business Model' Growth Opportunity – Chris Barraclough, Co-Founder, Telco 2.0™ Initiative
  • The role of 'Wholesale': a vision of the future – Sally Davis, CEO, BT Wholesale
  • A New Kind of 'Platform' – Vince Pizzica, CMO, EMEA, Alcatel-Lucent
  • Kip Meek, Chairman, Broadband Stakeholders Group
  • Steve Evans, Chief Strategy Officer, GSMA
Interactive ‘Mindshare’ Debate with Audience

1030 – Coffee Break (and Demos in Innovators Zone)

1100 – Section 2: Understanding new, potential ‘Upstream Customers’

What friction do brands, content owners, merchants, social networking services, banks, employers and government experience in distributing their content and services to consumers? What do they need from broadband and mobile telecoms channels? Critically, what might they be willing to pay a premium for? And how should telcos engage with them for maximum mutual benefit?

Stimulus presenters and panelists:
  • Friction in Digital Marketing & Advertising – Guy Phillipson, Chief Executive, Internet Advertising Bureau
  • Friction in Multimedia Services – Mark Selby, VP Multimedia, Nokia
  • Friction in Social Networking – Marco Argenti, Managing Director,
  • Friction in Banking – Roy Vella, Former Head of Mobile, PayPal Europe
Interactive ‘Mindshare’ Debate with Audience

1300 – Lunch (and Demos in Innovators Zone)

1400 – Section 3: Exploiting Telco Assets - New Practices to Learn from

What’s happening today that points to a brighter future of growth? What assets are being transformed into new capabilities? What process and organisational changes have been made to achieve it? Three case studies that show the way:

  • ‘Next Practice’ in Voice, Video and Data – Telco 2.0™ Key Principles
  • Data Services & Mobile Internet – Exploiting mobile’s unique capabilities
  • Advertising – Creating an effective 'intermediary' role
  • Internet Access - Matching connectivity to application requirements
Stimulus presenters and panelists:
  • Martin Geddes, Chief Analyst, Telco 2.0 Initiative
  • Rainer Deutschmann, EVP Mobile Internet, T-Mobile International
  • Timo Ahopelto, Director of Corporate Strategy & Advertising, Blyk
  • Carl Taylor, Director of Applications & Services, Hutchison Whampoa Europe
Interactive ‘Mindshare’ Debate with Audience

1600 – Tea Break (and Demos in Innovators Zone)

1630 – Section 4: Future End-User Experiences...for the Digital Family

A creative exercise focused on the ‘Digital Family’. For each of the groups below we look at the experiences required now and in 5 years’ time – how services are found, activated and paid for. How telco assets are currently packaged and sold to these groups, and how this might be done differently in the future. We will be stimulated by cutting edge presentations relating to:

  • Digital Home – Managing important data (entertainment, healthcare, information, communications) and devices
  • Digital Youth – Entertainment, education and social networking
  • Digital Worker – Home working and telecommuting
Stimulus presenters and panelists:
  • The customer of the future – Norman Lewis, Associate, STL Partners; Chief Strategy Officer, Wireless Grids Corporation
  • Visual Networking: Consumer Adoption of Video and Web 2.0 - Ross Fowler, VP Service Provider, European Markets, Cisco
  • The Role of Next Generation Home Devices - Howard Watson, CTO, Virgin Media
  • New scenarios for Advertising and Consumer Engagement - Richard Wheaton, Managing Director, Neo@Ogilvy
  • John Jaderston, Director Marketing, EMEA, Ultra Mobility Group, Intel Corporation
Interactive ‘Mindshare’ Debate with Audience

Drink1830 – Drinks (and Demos in Innovators Zone)

DAY TWO - Turning Opportunity to Action

17th April (0830 – 1700)

0830 – Introduction, Agenda, Warm-up

0900 – Section 1: New Revenue Models and Channels for 2-sided platform businesses

How do ‘platform’ businesses make money? How much revenue is ‘upstream’ (business partners), how much is ‘downstream’ (end users)? How to create the right partnerships for commercial success? How to balance the ‘chicken and egg’ conundrum? What are the implications for regulation? We hear from those who’ve done it or are doing it:

  • The Economics of Platform businesses
  • Lessons from Internet Platforms
  • Lessons from Pay-TV Platforms
  • Lessons from existing Telecoms Platforms
Stimulus presenters and panelists:
  • Will Page, Chief Economist, MCPS-PRS-Alliance
  • Ed Wray, Chairman and Founder, Betfair
  • David Whittaker, Director, NDS
  • Andrew Bud, Chairman, mBlox
Interactive ‘Mindshare’ Debate with Audience

1100 – Coffee Break (and Demos in Innovators Zone)

1130 – Section 2: The New ‘Sweet Spot’: Communications-Enabled Business Processes

Beyond ‘freefone’ and ‘enterprise services’. How to embed communications capabilities into key enterprise business processes? How to use telecoms capabilities in creative ways? How to enable effective ‘Mash-Ups’? How might money flow? We hear from practitioners at the cutting edge.

Stimulus presenters and panelists:
  • Enterprise Business Processes – where’s the money? - Camille Mendler, Vice President, Enterprise Research, Yankee Group
  • What are ‘CEBP’s and ‘Mash-Ups’. How do they work in practice? - Thomas Howe, CEO, Thomas Howe Company
  • Case Study 1: Logistics Management in Medium Sized Enterprises
    Paul Sweeney, Director of Innovation, VoiceSage
  • Case Study 2: Local Government solution - James Aitken, Solutions Evangelist, Aepona
  • Opportunities to support Call Centre operations – Alistair Hanlon, Vertical Industry Solutions Director, Convergys
Interactive ‘Mindshare’ Debate with Audience

1300 – Lunch (and Demos in Innovators Zone)

1400 – Section 3: Building the New Platform...out of Existing Assets

How to leverage existing investments in NGN, Service Platforms and OSS/BSS to create the right infrastructure to migrate towards a ‘two-sided’ commercial model? We hear from cutting-edge developments around:

Stimulus presenters and panelists:
  • Really scalable Data Centre Infrastructure – Kevin Johnson, Global Director, Digital Enterprise Group, Intel Corporation
  • Beyond CRM: Integrating Direct and Indirect – Patrick Bossert, Director, Convergys
  • Content Distribution 2.0 - John Dillon, Chief Marketing Officer, Cachelogic/Velocix
  • Data Security – Steve Duffy, Global Director of Communication Industry Solutions, Symantec Corporation
  • Shared Network Ownership models – Martine Lapierre, VP Competitive Transformation, Alcatel-Lucent
Interactive 'Mindshare' Debate with Audience

1600 – Tea Break (and Demos in Innovators Zone)

1630 – Section 4: Getting Started: Go-To-Market for Two-Sided Business Models

How to build up new platform-based two-sided business models? What actions are needed collectively, by the industry, and what by individual company strategies? What are the key first steps to take? What's the best approach to implementing them?

Stimulus presenters and panelists:
  • The journey from 'triple play' to scaleable '2-sided markets': Step-by-step approach – Martin Geddes, Chief Analyst, Telco 2.0™ Initiative
  • Organisational Structures and Change – Lars Godell, VP Strategy, Telenor Group
  • Systems thinking for Service Provider transformation – Fernando Gil De Bernabe, Managing Director, Strategy & Consumer, IBSG, Cisco
  • Technical and commercial cross-industry collaboration – Simon Gunter, Strategy Director, Tiscali
  • John Karidis, Equity Research, Pan-European Telecoms, MF Global Securities
Interactive ‘Mindshare’ Debate with Audience

Drink1800 – Drinks (and Demos in Innovators Zone)

mashup*In partnership with Mash Up Demos, we showcase developers of the most innovative non-telecoms specific applications: the sort of applications that could exploit telco networks and platforms and increase their value.

DAY THREE (Optional) – Open Morning re: Recent Telco 2.0™ Research

18th April (0930 – 1230)

Meet the Telco 2.0™ Analysts in an informal setting to discuss some of the findings of our recent research activity covering: