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Telco 2.0™ - Online Video Market Study Report
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Agenda Overview

New Use Cases, New Roadmap, More 'Upstream' Players

Day One – 4th November

0830 Welcome, Agenda and Warm-Up

  • Simon Torrance, Co-Founder, Telco 2.0 Initiative

0900 Strategy & Finance 2.0: Role of Business Model Innovation in Increasing Shareholder Value

  • Investors' perspective on the TMT sector
  • New business models and metrics for growth
  • Key untapped telco assets
  • Regulatory and Organisational Impacts

Presenters and Panelists:

  • Richard Kramer, CEO, Arete Research
  • Chris Barraclough, MD & Chief Analyst, Telco 2.0 Initiative
  • Kip Meek, Chair, Broadband Stakeholders Group
  • Moderator: James Enck, Director, mCapital

1015 Customer Data 2.0: Exploiting Telco's Most Valuable Asset

  • What is unique about telco customer data?
  • What is it's competitive 'shelf life'?
  • How can it be exploited?
  • How much is it worth, and to whom?

Presenters and Panelists:

  • Phil Laidler, Director of Consulting, Telco 2.0 Initiative
  • Greg Skibiski, CEO, Sense Networks
  • Martin Hayward, Director of Strategy & Futures, dunnhumby
  • Paul Magelli, Head of Subscriber Data Management, NokiaSiemensNetworks
  • Tim Sefton, Customer Director, Telefonica O2 UK

1130 Coffee Break

1200 Consumer Services 2.0: Engaging with the 'digital generation'

  • Understanding changing consumer interests and actions
  • Next generation 'retailing'
  • Adding value to new communications media (social networking, games, MMORPGs)
  • Product innovation process improvement

Presenters and Panelists:

  • Bobby Rao, Director Internet Services Marketing, Vodafone Group
  • Emma Lloyd, Business Development Director, BskyB
  • Nathan Richardsson, Executive Producer, CCP Games
  • Faisal Galaria, Director of Global Business Devt, Spotify
  • Gil Rosen, VP, Amdocs Interactive

1330 Lunch

1430 Case Study: Marketing to Pre-Paid

1445 Digital Money 2.0: New Opportunities in Mature Markets

  • Beyond Mobile Wallet
  • Collaborative digital payment solutions that don't rely on NFC
  • Roadmap for creating a valuable role for telcos
  • New Telco 2.0 'Use Case' #2: Solutions for the 'Unbanked' in Mature Markets

Presenters and Panelists:

  • Keith McMahon, Senior Analyst, Telco 2.0 Initiative
  • Cenk Serdar, Director International Payments, Vodafone Group
  • Johan Wickmann, CTO Mobility, TeliaSonera

16:00 Tea Break

16:30 Digital Advertising 2.0: Re-Energising the Marketing Industry

  • Beyond banner advertising to digital direct response
  • Telco industry collaboration, aggregation and channels
  • Mobeld of coopetition with Google and others
  • Lessons from New Telco 2.0 'Use Case' #3: Telco Industry Play in Mobile Local Search

Presenters and Panelists:

  • Chris Barraclough, MD & Chief Analyst, Telco 2.0 Initiative
  • Todd Tran, Managing Director, Joule (WPP)
  • Shaun Gregory, MD Media, Telefonica O2 UK (tbc)
  • Alain Sanchez, CMO EMEA, Alcatel-Lucent
  • Migge Hoffmann, Senior Director, Media & Entertainment, EMEA, Oracle
  • Jonathan MacDonald, CEO, JMA

1800 Internet Access 2.0 – Mobile Broadband

  • Optimal Business Models for Open Broadband Access
  • New Business Model Opportunities from Wimax
  • Role of the Public Sector and Government
  • New 'Use Case' for mobile broadband 'managed offload'

Presenters and Panelists:

  • Dean Bubley, Senior Associate, Telco 2.0 Initiative
  • Ofer Karp, President, Wireless, Alvarion
  • Prof Simon Saunders, Chairman, Femto Forum

1900 Drinks Reception & Dinner on Thames Riverboat

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