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Agenda Overview

New Use Cases, New Roadmap, More 'Upstream' Players

Day Two – 5th November

0830 Welcome, Agenda and Warm-Up

0900 Media 2.0: Digital Distribution in a 'Pirate World'

New Business Models for Licensing Content over Broadband Networks

Presenters and Panelists:

  • Feargal Sharkey, CEO, UK Music
  • Francis Keeling, Vice President Digital, Universal Music Group International
  • Damian Newton, SVP Digital, Sony Pictures International
  • Jon James, Managing Director Broadband, Virgin Media
  • Cameron Rejali, Managing Director Products, BT Wholesale
  • Rupert Day, COO, GroupM
  • Gerd Leonhard, Mediafuturist
  • David Touve, Professor of Strategy, Williams School of Commerce
  • Moderator: Dan Klein, Media Director, Detica

1030 Coffee Break

1100 Digital Home 2.0: Opportunities in Healthcare & Utilities

  • Telcos' role in managing home networks
  • Opportunities in Home Healthcare
  • Beyond Smart Metering, towards Smart Grid
  • New Telco 2.0 'Use Case' #4: Managed Home Networks

Presenters and Panelists:

Home Healthcare:

  • Thierry Zylberberg, EVP and GM, Orange Healthcare
  • Gordon Graylish, VP Europe, Intel

Smart Grid:

  • Keith McMahon, Senior Analyst, Telco 2.0 Initiative
  • Andrew Monks, Smart Grid program manager, Scottish & Southern Energy
  • Mike Lewis, Utilities Industry Principal, SAP

1245 Lunch

1345 Cloud Computing 2.0: Opportunities in Consumer and SME Markets

  • SaaS
  • Application Delivery Networks
  • Content Delivery Networks

Presenters and Panelists:

  • Scott Stevens, VP Worldwide Technology, Juniper Networks
  • Joe Hogan, CTO, Openet
  • Neil Lock, IT Services Director, BT Global Services
  • Matthew Finne, CTO, Interoute
  • John Woodget, Worldwide Telco Director, Intel

1515 Tea Break

1545 Pilot 2.0: Fast-tracking Telco 2.0 Services using Legacy Systems

  • How to deploy new lightweight BSS platforms to pilot Telco 2.0 'Use Cases', fast at low cost

Presenters and Panelists:

  • Andrew Thomson, VP, Infonova

1615 App Stores & APIs 2.0: Models for monetisation

  • New aggregation strategies
  • Best practices from outside telecoms
  • Practicalities of enabling mash-ups
  • Defining a common cross-operator commercial framework

Presenters and Panelists:

  • Pieter Knook, Director Internet Services, Vodafone Group
  • Richard Titus, CEO, Associated Northcliffe Digital
  • Stephan Hadinger, VP API/Telco 2.0, Orange Group
  • James Parton, Head of Litmus, Telefonica
  • Andrew Bud, Chairman, Mobile Entertainment Forum
  • Toby Beresford, Chairman, Nudge

1730 Close and Drinks

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