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Telco 2.0™ - Voice and Messaging 2.0 Report
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Agenda Day 2:

Digital Entertainment 2.0 Summit -
Multi-platform distribution

What to Expect

This day-long stream will focus on the business model challenges facing content owners and telcos in the creation and distribution of digital entertainment content. Traditional models based on physical distribution have been undermined by the move to digital formats and this trend is only set to continue. Featuring new research from Telco 2.0’s entertainment experts, the sessions will address the major questions facing content owners...

  • How will they protect intellectual property online?
  • How can they engage directly with billions of consumers via the mobile channel?
  • How will they increase the methods of monetisation for Film, TV and Gaming content online?

and telcos...

  • How can telcos generate new sources of revenue from the online content market?
  • How can telcos improve and monetise the mobile user experience?
  • How can telcos complement and compete with the Cable, Internet and Apple channels?
Who Should Attend

CxOs, Strategists, Strategic Marketing, Business Development, Technology Architects, ICT Product Developers involved in entertainment-based product and services in the telcos and vendors plus senior managers from the Media, Entertainment and Broadcasting involved in developing new digital businesses.

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0900-1100: Trends in Digital Entertainment

  • How is the shift online disrupting the traditional distribution channels and business models of content owners?
  • What new business models are developing and who benefits from them?
  • How big a threat is piracy and can it be defeated?
  • How are technical developments such as HD and 3D impacting on telcos?
  • What assets do telcos have that can enhance the content owners' proposition online - IPTV, consumer behaviour data, QoS, customer service, billing, integrated comms services?
  • How is the advertising value proposition being impacted by the fragmentation of channels and the rise of on demand services and non-broadcast distribution?

Speakers include:

  • David Touve, Professor of Strategy, Williams School of Commerce
  • Migge Hoffman, Senior Director, Media and Entertainment, Oracle
  • Adam Smith, Global Futures Director, GroupM
  • Andrew Bud, Chairman, Mobile Entertainment Forum

Telco 2.0 background reading:
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1100-1130: Break

1130-1300: TV 2.0: Reinventing video distribution

  • How the shift online is disrupting the traditional distribution channels and business models
  • Examination of the influence mobile is having as a new channel for entertainment and how this is impacting on telcos
  • What's the value of the three screen proposition and how can it be implemented effectively?
  • How valuable is telco IPTV as a distribution channel?
  • How can studios and telcos can work together to differentiate their content from the pirates?
  • What functions do studios need to add to their core competencies in order to go directly to market online?
  • What do the studios and need to do to compete with Apple (and Google) as a distribution platform?
  • How important is a direct relationship with the consumer for control over the revenue stream?
  • New use cases from the Telco 2.0 Initiative


  • Keith McMahon, Senior Analyst, STL Partners, Telco 2.0 Initiative
  • Alfonso, Mariconda, VP Strategy, Telecom Italia

Telco 2.0 background reading:
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ESPN: Making ‘pay-for-content’ work - a telco opportunity


1300-1400: lunch

1400-1600: Mobile App Stores and Developer Communities

  • Does an app store have to be both a developer environment and a store?
  • Where’s the scale for developers? How best to create this – at the OS/device platform, carrier app store collaboration?
  • Should operators should create their own app stores – what are the pros and cons and are there different strategies for tier 1 and 2 telcos?
  • What impact will handset vendor app stores have and what do these mean for operators?
  • Other than app stores, what else can operators offer developers?
  • What’s the value of network APIs and what’s the business model for them?

Speakers include:

  • Colm Healy, VP Services EMEA, Qualcomm
  • Tim Haysom, Chief Marketing Officer, OMTP
  • Ilja Laurs, Chief Executive Officer and Founder, GetJar
  • Ingo Schneider, SVP, Mobile Internet, Deutsche Telekom
  • Sebastian Lind, Head of SDP Marketing, Ericsson
  • Jose Valles, Head of Open Telefonica
  • Tom Hume, Managing Director, Future Platforms

Telco 2.0 background reading:
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Litmus vs Apple AppStore
MWC Watch: Developers, Developers, Developers
Apple vs. Nokia: strategic lessons from the smartphone/appstore wars


1600-1630: coffee break

1630-1730: Devices - Sources of New Revenue

  • What types of device are best-suited to the telcos owning "control points"? How can openness and control co-exist? In particular, can operators ever manage to monetise the PC, beyond basic connectivity?
  • How should operators prioritise smartphone platforms - Android and LiMo offer more potential for operator customisation and control, but Apple and BlackBerry have unique capabilities from their proprietary infrastructure. Can operators regain the high ground?
  • The Kindle experience and potential for e-readers. Where's the business model? Will this model transfer to other forms of entertainment content, perhaps via Apple's new iPad?
  • What device trends will impact most on network economics? Can operators handle Internet TVs consuming gigabits of data per hour?
  • In mobile, which devices are the most "network friendly", and how can operators optimise their portfolio and their customers' behaviour?
  • Does increasing device intelligence, coupled with greater application openness, mean that loss of control is inevitable?
  • Will ever-smarter phones and PCs "game" the network for lowest costs, fastest speeds and best battery life?


  • Dean Bubley, Dean Bubley, Senior Associate, Telco 2.0 Initiative
  • Yves Maitre, SVP Group Devices, FT- Orange Group
  • Richard Kramer, Director, Arete Researc

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