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Based on landmark research
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Telco 2.0™ - Two-Sided Telecoms Market Opportunity Report
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Agenda Day 2:

Enterprise 2.0 Summit - New Opportunities in Wholesale and Enterprise Services

What to Expect

This day-long stream will examine in detail the new enterprise or upstream business development opportunities, with special focus on Advertising and Marketing and Machine-to-Machine. Revealing the disproportionate value enterprises can derive from comms-enabled business processes, it will identify the opportunity these upstream businesses offer to telcos and look at the examples of new business models being built by retail, wholesale and carrier services divisions within telcos.


Who Should Attend

CxOs, Strategists, Strategic Marketing, Business Development, Technology Architects, ICT Product Developers involved in engaging and developing products for upstream customers within the telcos, telco Wholesale and Carrier Services divisions and vendors, plus Senior Managers from vertical sectors and Media Planners and Buyers, Advertising Agencies and Brands.


0900-1000: Defining New Enterprise Market Opportunities

  • Defining and sizing the market including identification of major growth areas that will be covered in later sessions
  • Identification of revenue streams from Voice as an enabler of other services
  • dentifying telco opportunities in vertical and enterprise ecosystems.
  • The identification of some of the key assets and functions that are common to multiple upstream customers

Speakers include:

  • Phil Laidler, Director, STL Partners, Telco 2.0 Initiative
  • Gavin Franks, Head of Commercial Development, Telefonica O2 UK
  • Frank Elter, Director Business Development, Telenor Norway

Telco 2.0 background reading:
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Mastering communications-enabled business processes


1000-1300: M2M – Beyond Connectivity
(Including 1100-1130: coffee break)

  • How to accelerate market growth to connect 10s and 100s millions of units?
  • What value added services can telcos offer beyond simple connectivity? What sort of ‘platform’ is needed to make these capabilities available?
  • What barriers must be overcome across the value chain to achieve widespread take-up?
  • Which verticals segments have the most potential for telcos in the short and long term; which represent the low hanging fruit
  • Real and practical examples of where solutions have been built around M2M that go well beyond connectivity to integrate with business processes much further up the delivery chain.

Speakers include:

  • Ken Figueredo, Principal, Ventura
  • Maria Austenaa, VP Strategy & Products, Telenor Objects
  • Jonas Nordstrom, Head M2M Business development, Ericsson
  • Alan Beveridge, Director of Sales and Business Development, Jasper Wireless
  • Kevin Johnson, Worldwide Director, Embedded Systems, Intel
  • David McNierney, VP, SAP

For background on telco 2.0-style implementations of M2M, see this interview with Maurice Thompson, Director of Verizon Wireless Open Development initiative (ODI).

For more background on Smart Grids from the Telco 2.0 team, see: Five Use Case Report including Smart Grids

Telco 2.0 background reading:
mHealth Opportunities
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1300-1400: Lunch

1430-1730: Mobile Advertising and Marketing Services
(Including 1600-1630: coffee break)

  • Identifying the strategic direction for the telco industry to support the advertising and marketing industries.
  • Case study examples of successful and less successful mobile marketing implementations
  • Detailed analysis of the key touch points between media owners, media buyers and telcos, including: media planning, media exchange amongst operators, ad booking, campaign management and measurement and metrics
  • Use cases from Telco 2.0 and partner companies exploring current and future opportunities in the mobile marketing space

Speakers include:

  • Chris Barraclough, Managing Director STL Partners/Telco 2.0 Initiative
  • Russell Buckley, Chairman, Mobile Marketing Association
  • David Fieldhouse, Mobile Manager, MediaCom
  • Xavier Perret, VP Digital Advertising Solutions & Services partnerships, FT-Orange
  • Shaun Gregory, Managing Director, O2 Media
  • Paul Goode, Head of Industry Relations, ComScore

Telco 2.0 background reading:
Text-based Local Search Use Case
O2 and Buongiorno: Winning with Two-Sided Advertising
Use Case: Telco customer data for advertising in OTT video


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