Telco 2.0™ Industry Brainstorm
Telco 2.0™ Industry Brainstorm
Telco 2.0™ Industry Brainstorm
Telco 2.0™ Industry Brainstorm
Telco 2.0™ Industry Brainstorm
Telco 2.0™

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STL Partners Ltd

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Telco 2.0™
Telco 2.0™

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Telco 2.0™ Industry Brainstorm
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Agenda - Day Three

Technology Insiders' Workshop
08.30 – 17.00

Aligning Technical architectures to a 'Telco 2.0' commercial strategy

Click hereIntroduction

Flow of event:

    1. Market Context
    2. User Needs and Product Solutions
    3. Architecture
    4. Interfaces
    5. Go-To-Market


More background see Telco 2.0™ blog.

Facilitator: Martin Geddes, Chief Analyst, STL Partners

Analysts: Colin Pons, Senior Architect, Innovation Management, KPN;
Dr Thomas Magedanz, Head of 3G Beyond Division, Fraunhofer Institute Fokus

08:30 Agenda, Warm up, introductions, and reprise of output from IMS Services Industry Brainstorm, 4-5 Oct 2006

08:45 Telco 2.0™ context

Key commercial messages from the Telco 2.0 Brainstorm Day One and Two?

  • What do users really want in each of the key markets: digital youth, digital home, digital town and digital worker?
  • What are the real revenue opportunities, both from paid-for services as well as adverts and other revenue streams?
  • Who are the partners that will help deliver these services, and what will the commercial relationships look like?

Martin Geddes, Chief Analyst, STL Partners
Steve Devo, Senior Service Architect, Vodafone Group
The most effective ways of implementing new ‘mobile web 2.0’ concepts
Martine Lapierre, Vice President, Strategic Marketing, Alcatel-Lucent

Interactive 'Mindshare' Debate with Audience

09:45 Core Voice & Messaging

Do we have commercially viable requirements for real-time services today?

  • What are the most pressing unfilled user needs in voice telephony?
  • What are the requirements for evolving SMS and MMS?
  • How will you need to interface with internet systems and services, many of which are not even SIP based, let alone IMS-enabled?

Martin Geddes, Chief Analyst, STL Partners
Results of new of GSMA/Telco 2.0™ research into 'Voice & Messaging 2.0'
Thomas Welzel, Head of Product Design & Provisioning, Next Generation Enablers, T-Mobile International

Interactive 'Mindshare' Debate with Audience
11:00 Coffee Break

11:30 Service Architecture

How to make it cheaper and more flexible?

  • How relevant are the IMS features: QoS, session control, roaming, provisioning and profile?
  • What are the alternatives?
  • How best to combine architectural components?

Kieran Dalton, CTO, AeponaHow to accelerate the adoption of enterprise/IT software concepts like SOA
Colin Pons, Senior Architect, Innovation Management, KPNFinal topic TBC
Shane O'Flynn, VP Managed Services and Support, OpenetNew ways of enabling huge volumes of real-time services, at low-cost – from science-fiction to reality

Interactive 'Mindshare' Debate with Audience
13:00 LUNCH

14:00 Leveraging Payment & Identity

What practical opportunities exist to add value to and differentiate from internet-based services?

  • How will payment and identity services support operator and partner services?
  • What AAA and billing APIs should you really be looking to offer?
  • What are the practicalities of making this a reality?

Aude Pichelin, Head of Multimedia Services Standardisation, France Telecom - Latest developments in leveraging Federated Identity to deliver consistent customer experience across different networks, service platforms and services
John Storrie, Nortel

Interactive 'Mindshare' Debate with Audience
15:15 Tea Break

15:30 Trialing

How best to trial new services?

  • What are the learning objectives of a good trial?
  • How should you position and market trial services?
  • What is the best practise from existing market trials?

Rory McKenna, Director Web 21C, BT Group - Opening the APIs: Lessons from BT’s ground-breaking project to offer its core IP based services to the worldwide development communities across .Net, Java, PHP and Python technologies
Thomas Magadanz, Head of 3G Beyond Division, Fraunhofer Institute Fokus - How best to trial new IP-based services. Lessons from the IMS Playground

Interactive 'Mindshare' Debate with Audience

16:45 Group Brainstorm: Key Lesson Learnt and Next Steps for industry technologists

17:00 Close