Telco 2.0™ Executive Brainstorm
Reducing Friction in the Digital Economy
Acropolis Congress and Exposition Centre in Nice, France
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Telco 2.0™ speakers
Telco 2.0™ Event, Nice
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Day 1 - Strategies and Tactics for Tough Times

The event follows our renowned ‘Mindshare’ interactive format. It will be facilitated by Simon Torrance, CEO, STL Partners/Founder Telco 2.0™ Initiative and supported by a team of 'Analysts in Residence' to process the brainstorming output in real time.

Each session will follow a similar pattern: Set of short stimulus presentations, brainstormed response from audience, vote, panel discussion.

Appropriate parts of the event will be filmed and webcast live by TelecomTV.

The agenda below shows the topics we will be addressing. The stimulus speakers and panellists are currently being briefed and allocated across the agenda. (Latest speaker list here).

The 6th Telco 2.0™ Executive Brainstorm has a 'world' remit and is being co-located with the TM Forum's Management World event in Nice, South of France. The latter is a gathering of 3500 execs from the telco, cable, and IT community.

Day 1

Joint Plenary Telco 2.0™ / TMF Management World – Apolon Auditorium

09:00 Welcome Note

  • Tony Campion, 2008 International Journalist & Presenter TV news for CNN & the BBC

09:10 Strategy 2.0: New priorities, new business models, new profits

How can telcos add value to the wider 'digital economy', and grow their relevance and revenues as a result? A review of best practice and 'next practice' strategy, business models and technical architectures from around the world. How new forms of collaboration can increase efficiencies and grow the pie for everyone. Results of new research and analysis from the Telco 2.0™ Initiative and the TM Forum.
  • Simon Torrance, CEO, Telco 2.0™ Initiative
  • Keith Willetts, CEO, TM Forum

09:40 Opportunities for Growth - Understanding what customers want and what ‘the market’ (the digital economy) needs

Even in a recession there are many growth opportunities for the telecoms sector. The demand is there in both developed and emerging markets. But we need to think differently about markets, government requirements and customers if we want to take advantage of it. The panel looks at new creative ways to think about growth.
  • Sanjiv Ahuja, Chairman, Augere
  • Rory Sutherland, Vice Chairman, Ogilvy Group
  • Rory Sutherland, Vice Chairman, Ogilvy Group
  • Simon Wright, CEO, Virgin Entertainment
  • Marc Davis, Chief Scientist, Yahoo! Mobile

10:45 Break

11:15 TMF awards

11:35 Transformation 2.0 – Part 1: Operational Challenges

The provision of end-user applications and services is evolving rapidly, with more third party services due to be delivered via 'AppStores'. But operational and financial risks increase as telcos create scaleable, converged platforms to support new forms of service innovation. What sort of strategies are needed to plan effectively for this transformation.
  • Kevin Peters, EVP Global Network Operations, AT&T
  • Kevin Peters, EVP Global Network Operations, AT&T
  • Matt Desch, CEO, Iridium Satellite
  • Albert Hitchcock, CIO, Vodafone Group

12:20 Transformation 2.0 – Part 2: Service Offerings – learning from other industries

How Amazon is transforming from a best practice retailer to a broader 'B2B platform services' provider by leveraging its core assets and capabilities. What was the commercial rationale for making the transition, on what service areas are they focusing their efforts and why, what have been the challenges and barriers to implementation, the inflexion points, the benefits and tangible results to date? What lessons can telcos apply from Amazon's move towards a 'two-sided' business model?
  • Werner Vogels, CTO, Amazon
  • Werner Vogels, CTO, Amazon
  • Matt Bross, CTO, BT; CEO, BT Innovate
  • Hossein Eslambolchi, CEO, 2020 Venture Partners

13:00 Lunch

Private Telco 2.0™ event
Athena Auditorium

14:15 Warm Up

  • Simon Torrance, CEO, Telco 2.0™ Initiative

14:40 Retail Services 2.0: Digital Natives - how to serve a new breed of customers?

New research shows that customer behaviours and expectations from ICT products and services are changing globally. Customers are not simply using the internet and mobile passively for information and entertainment; there is increasingly a culture of participation and involvement. Customers want to contribute: to wikis, to blogs, to mash-ups, to product and service reviews, to product development. These changes are not confined to the "Digital Kids" but are happening at a pace that challenges traditional telco innovation processes and timelines. This session focuses on what operators can do to better address these new needs and behaviours.
Key Session Topics
  • Preview of new Telco 2.0™ research report: "Serving the Digital Generation: Innovation for a new breed of customers"
  • How are customer behaviours and expectations changing?
  • Which service providers are best addressing these changes?
  • What are the challenges and opportunities for operators seeking to develop services and support 3rd party service providers?
  • What changes are required to Telco product/service design and innovation processes?
Presenters and Panellists
  • Brian Shepherd, President, Amdocs Interactive
  • Richard D Titus, Controller Future Media, BBC
  • Mo Firouzabadian, Global Business Line Director, Buongiorno
  • Norman Lewis, Associate, Telco 2.0™ Initiative
  • Marc Davis, Chief Scientist, Yahoo! Mobile

16:15 Break

16:45 Devices 2.0: Battle for the edge Ė Handsets, Home Networking and CPE

The growing profusion of end-user devices creates opportunities and threats for Operators, OTT players, and handset / CPE / operating software companies. Increasing amounts of intelligence and capability are to be found in Netbooks, Smartphones, Set-Top Boxes and routers. What is the consequence of this for Telcos? Are Telcos inevitably going to become dis-intermediated dumb-pipes? Or can operators deploy a device strategy that complements their network capabilities to strengthen their position within the digital value chain?
Key Session Topics
  • What might the landscape for CPE and end-user devices look like? What functionality and features will devices have?
  • What are the implications of this for operators? How could this impact the two-sided business model opportunity?
  • What is the best result for operators: browser-based applications or those native to the phone / device?
  • Is Google Android a real opportunity / solid threat or simply hype and paranoia?
  • What can operators do regarding CPE and devices to safeguard their position and realise the two-sided business model?
Presenters and Panellists
  • Anssi Vanjoki, EVP, Nokia
  • Yves Maitre, SVP Devices, Orange-FT Group
  • Alberto Ciarniello, VP Service Innovation, Telecom Italia
  • Rainer Deutschmann, EVP Mobile Internet, T-Mobile International
  • Moderator: Dean Bubley, CEO, Disruptive Analysis;
    Associate, Telco 2.0™ Initiative

18:30 Close / Networking Reception

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