Telco 2.0™ Executive Brainstorm
Reducing Friction in the Digital Economy
Acropolis Congress and Exposition Centre in Nice, France
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Telco 2.0™ Event, Nice
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Telco 2.0™ Future Broadband Business Models Research Report
Telco 2.0™ - Telcos Role in Advertising  2.0 Report
Telco 2.0™ - Voice and Messaging 2.0 Report
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Broadband Stakeholder Group (BSG)

The BSG is the industry-government forum tackling strategic issues across the converging broadband value chain, the BSG:

DESS Consulting

For nearly 10 years DESS has been active in two areas. Firstly providing global industry analysis for the Telecoms-Media-Technology sector and secondly providing consulting support for service providers in APAC, EMEA and the Americas as external network architects and business strategists.

The focus of our analysis and consulting work is at intersection of new business ideas and models with new technologies and strategic directions. DESS has guided a number of service providers through Next Generation Network transformation.

The CEO of DESS is Thomas Rambold, a 30 years plus veteran of enterprise and operator business at Siemens. Before he established DESS in 2000 his last role at Siemens was as CTO of the COM Group.

GSM Association

Founded in 1987, The GSM Association (GSMA) is a global trade association representing more than 700 GSM mobile phone operators across 217 territories and countries of the world. Its primary goals are to ensure mobile phones and wireless services work globally and are easily accessible, enhancing their value to individual customers and national economies, while creating new business opportunities for operators and their suppliers. The Association's members serve more than 2 billion customers – over 82% of the world's mobile phone users.

Mobile Entertainment Forum

Since 2000, MEF has established itself as the leading global trade association for companies large and small across the mobile entertainment value chain.

MEF's membership base spans the entire range of mobile entertainment activities, including music, film, TV and video companies who create and package content; publishers, retailers, service providers and technologists who sell and deliver content and network operators who get the content to the end users.


Telecom TV is the world’s first online TV channel that provides video streaming, live Webcasting and interactive media programs to the global ICT sector. TelecomTV is viewed every day by 30,000 decision makers who get up-to-the-minute news, analysis, and interviews with industry thought leaders to make their strategic business decisions. You can register for TelecomTV FREE at and sign up to receive their daily mailers allowing you to keep abreast of the ever evolving and converging ICT industry!

TM Forum

With almost 700 member companies in 75 countries, the TM Forum is the world's leading trade consortium focused on enabling digital services. Serving the information, communications and entertainment industries, the Forum provides leadership, strategic guidance and practical solutions to improve the way that services are created, delivered and charged. Members include the majority of the world's service providers, network operators, software suppliers, equipment suppliers and systems integrators.