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Telco 2.0™ Future Broadband Business Models Research Report
Telco 2.0™ - Telcos Role in Advertising  2.0 Report
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Day 1 - Defining Future Opportunities

The event follows our renowned ‘Mindshare’ interactive format. It will be facilitated by Simon Torrance, CEO, STL Partners/Founder Telco 2.0™ Initiative and supported by a team of 'Analysts in Residence' to process the brainstorming output in real time.

Each session will follow a similar pattern: Set of short stimulus presentations, brainstormed response from audience, vote, panel discussion.

Appropriate parts of the event will be filmed and webcast live by TelecomTV.

The agenda below shows the topics we will be addressing. The stimulus speakers and panellists are currently being briefed and allocated across the agenda. (Latest speaker list here).

0830 – 1800

0830 - Introductions, Agenda, Warm Up

0900 - Business Model Agility in the Digital Economy

The role of 'Platform-based' business models

Key themes:
  • The Practical Economics of Platform Businesses - Lessons from
  • Re-sizing the 'two-sided' telecoms business model opportunity - New analysis from Telco 2.0™
  • The practicalities of building a platform to support a 'two-sided' model
  • Telco investment choices in a time of rapid change
Stimulus Presenters and Panelists:
  • Dr Werner Vogels, CTO,
  • Matt Bross, Group CTO, BT
  • Chris Barraclough, co-founder, Telco 2.0™ Initiative
  • Joachim Horn, CTO, T-Mobile International
Structured Group Feedback, Panel Discussion (+1) and Debate

1030 - Break (Demos in Innovators Zone)

1100 - Voice & Messaging 2.0 - New Growth Areas

Reducing friction in consumer-to-merchant, merchant-to-consumer and consumer-government interaction

Key themes:
  • Communications-Enabled Business Processes
  • New technology: user interfaces and Click-to-Call
  • 'Freephone 2.0': Optimising Call Centre interactions
Stimulus Presentations x 3:
  • New sources of value from 'personal communications' - New analysis from Telco 2.0™
  • Where and why to invest in voice and messaging platform capabilities - Major Operator
  • The practicalities of 'communications-enabling' a major industrial business process - Specialist practitioner
Stimulus Presenters and Panelists:
  • Martin Geddes, Chief Analyst, Telco 2.0™ Initiative
  • JP Rangaswami, Managing Director, BT Design
  • Thomas Howe, CEO, Thomas Howe Company
Structured Group Feedback, Panel Discussion (+1) and Debate

1230 - Lunch (Demos in Innovators Zone)

1330 - New Economic Insight

The Long Tail, Revisited

Chris Anderson introduced the 'Long Tail' concept to the world, way back in December 2004. Yet, to quote that old adage, the 'jockey is only as good as the horse' and despite being a blockbuster hit theory, it has never been tested with any meaningful robust data, until now. Will Page, Chief Economist of the MCPS-PRS Alliance, presents exclusively to Telco 2.0™ preliminary results of pioneering Long Tail work that has been conducted in conjunction with MBlox and Harvard Business School.
Key themes:
  • Is the future of business 'selling less of more' - and was Chris Anderson right?
  • An alternative approach to plotting the long tail - and what does this mean, and for whom?
  • If Chris was actually wrong, then what does this mean for investment strategies going forward?
Stimulus Presenter:
  • Will Page, Chief Economist, MCPS-PRS Alliance

1400 - Content Distribution 2.0 - Internet Video

Fixing the broken value chain for internet video distribution?

Key themes:
  • Changing market structures and usage patterns
  • New revenue trends (offset vs advertising vs subs vs PPV)
  • Distribution methods (IPTV vs web streaming vs P2P)
  • Integration across devices (mobile, PC, STB, TV, Portable Media Player)
  • Role of fixed and mobile ISPs
Stimulus Presentations x 3:
  • Future business model scenarios - New research from Telco 2.0™
  • What does Hollywood really want - Major ContentCo
  • What's working in IPTV and Mobile TV - Major Enabler
  • New ways of addressing the challenges - Major Enabler
Stimulus Presenters and Panelists:
  • Alan Patrick, Senior Analyst, Telco 2.0™ Initiative
  • Sandip Mukerjee, VP Strategy, Alcatel-Lucent
  • Jim Warner, Deputy Chairman & VP Digital Media, TM Forum
  • Simon Aspinall, Managing Director, Internet Business Solutions Group, Cisco
Structured Group Feedback, Panel Discussion (+1) and Debate

1530 - Tea (Demos in Innovators Zone)

1600 - Internet Services 2.0 - Search for the real 'Mobile Internet'

How to deepen the relationship between the fixed web and the mobile experience?

Key themes:
  • "What more could the telco do for me?": Wholesale access; customer data; retail and distribution; provisioning; billing and payment.
  • How to integrate with the core telco experience (voice and messaging, device provisioning, care and support)
  • Whose problem is it - network operator, handset vendor, internet service provider?
Stimulus Presentations x 2:
  • Size of the Pain and Size of the Opportunity - New research from Telco 2.0™
  • The universal, base platform for Mobile Internet - Major Mobile Operator
Stimulus Presenters and Panelists:
  • Pieter Knook, Global Director of Internet Services, Vodafone Group
  • Ben McOwen Wilson, COO, ITV Consumer
  • Andrew Bud, Chairman, Mobile Entertainment Forum
  • Simon Aspinall, Managing Director, Internet Business Solutions Group, Cisco
  • Chris Barraclough, co-founder, Telco 2.0™ Initiative
Structured Group Feedback, Panel Discussion and Debate

Drink1830 – Drinks and Networking Reception
1915 – Networking river cruise departs hotel pier (including drinks and buffet dinner)
2215 – River cruise returns to hotel pier

River cruise down the Thames

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