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Reducing Friction in the Digital Economy
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Day 2 - Exploring Near Term Opportunities

Examples of how to reduce friction and generate new value in the Digital Economy

Case Studies, Use Cases and Industry Next Steps

0830 – 1800

0830 - Introductions, Agenda, Warm Up

0900 - Streamlining 3rd Party Service Delivery: Telco as a Channel

How to create an easy-to-use platform for delivering compelling applications to telco subscribers

Key Issues:
  • Reducing costs of 3rd party integration with telco systems
  • Enabling effective end-user self-service
  • Defining standard APIs
  • Operational impact of greater 3rd party integration
Key Telco assets to leverage:
  • Real time OSS/BSS systems
  • Identity Management and Authentication systems
  • Device and SIM management
Potential telco value proposition:
  • Telco as an efficient and effective retailer of digital goods to end-users
Case Studies x 4, on:
  • Enabling a Multi-Service, Self-Service Platform
  • Seamless integration of 3rd Party SDK with Telco SDP
  • New 'Open Platform' at Telus and BT
  • Device and SIM Management
Stimulus Presenters and Panelists:
  • Barbara Schmiedinger, Head of Residential Product Marketing, Telekom Austria
  • Michael Crossey, CMO, Aepona
  • Dominique Schmid, CEO, Sicap
Structured Group Feedback, Panel Discussion (+1) and Debate

1030 - Break (demos in Innovators Zone)

1100 - Advertising, Marketing and Business Intelligence

Where, why and how should the telco industry collaborate to provide value to brands and marketers?

Key Issues:
  • Upstream Service Providers (Brands, Agencies, Aggregators, Publishers): How to understand consumers' interests more effectively; how to standardise digital ad formats; How to leverage data (demographic + preference + usage + contextual) to target marketing communications; How to manage campaigns across multiple digital systems and processes and channels; How to create better performance metrics?
  • Downstream consumers: how to receive more relevant and timely promotions via appropriate media?
  • Telcos: How to create a valuable and scaleable platform to support the needs of marketers?
Key Telco assets to leverage:
  • Customer data (for customer profiling and ad personalisation)
  • Telco advertising inventory (web portal, handset, idle screen, SMS, MMS, voice)
  • Response channel (SMS, MMS, click to call, URL)
  • Rating Engine (for performance metrics)
Potential telco value proposition:
  • A Telco Platform needs to provide Interactivity – the ability to engage with the customer in an on-going way throughout their lifetime by providing:
    • Standardisation - especially on mobile, to achieve ubiquitous availability of the mobile medium to advertisers (formats, processes, etc.)
    • Response Channel - the ability, as part of the interaction, for customers to redeem vouchers and pay for things with the Telco account
    • Personalisation & Targeting - the capability to target the long-tail with relevant messages
    • Performance tracking - ability to offer cross-operator metrics to brands and agencies
Stimulus Presentations x 3:
  • What content producers/retailers really need from Telcos?
  • The practicalities of exploiting subscriber data
  • End-user acceptance and regulatory lessons from ISP collaboration in the UK
  • Key metrics for mobile media
Stimulus Presenters and Panelists:
  • Mark Johnson, Global Marketing Director, Comms Industry, SAP
  • Paul Magelli, Head of Subscriber Data Management, Nokia Siemens Networks
  • Hugo Drayton, CEO, Phorm
  • Will Hodgman, EVP, ComScore/M:Metrics
Structured Group Feedback, Panel Discussion (+1) and Debate

1230 - Lunch (demos in Innovators Zone)

1400 - Billing & Payments

How to enable more efficient payment methods between consumers and merchants

Key Issues:
  • Payee (Merchant): Identifying and authenticating the other party; checking credit worthiness; maintaining security; realising value of the payment; reducing transaction fees and other costs.
  • Payer (Consumer in retail transactions): Identifying and authenticating the other party; maintaining security; protecting precious data - credit card, bank details; automating the process - minimising password entries etc.
  • Telco: What role to play in the payments market - appropriate levels of competition and cooperation.
Key Telco Assets to leverage:
  • Identity and AAA
  • Billing & payments engine for micro (and larger) transactions
  • Trusted brands
  • Voice minutes as tradeable goods
Potential telco value proposition (for debate):
  • Telcos to offer 'electronic wallet' capabilities that support many transaction types in multiple settings - remote (mobile), out and about (NFC), at home (PC).
Stimulus Presentations x 3:
  • How are online businesses limited by the billing and payment systems available today?
  • Case study of Telco-Bank collaboration in Turkey
  • Business model opportunities from 'contactless'
  • How to evolve billing capabilities to support new telco payment services
Stimulus Presenters and Panelists:
  • Simonetta Lulli, Regional Director, Habbo Hotel/Sulake
  • Cenk Serdar, Chief VAS Officer, Turkcell
  • MungKi Woo, VP Payments and Contactless, France Telecom
  • Joe Hogan, CTO, Openet
Structured Group Feedback, Panel Discussion (+1) and Debate

1530 - Tea (demos in Innovators Zone)

1600 - Industry Next Steps

Which business model innovations will impress the Capital Markets?

Key Issues:
  • Investors' view of Telco 1.0 and Telco 2.0
  • Selling 'upstream' - where to play in the stack?
  • Which latent telco assets are most valuable - how to exploit them?
  • Where and how should telcos collaborate to add value to the 'Digital Economy'?
Stimulus Presenters and Panelists:
  • Jonathan Dann, Executive Director, JP Morgan
  • Trudi Norris-Grey, MD, Strategy & Transformation, BT Wholesale
  • Michael Weening, Director, Communications Sector, Microsoft
  • Gordon Graylish, VP Europe, Intel
  • James Enck, Senior Analyst, Telco 2.0™ Initiative
Structured Group Feedback, Panel Discussion (+1) and Debate

Drink1730 - Drinks and Networking Reception

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